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Volunteer with FUPS

The Flinders University Palaeontology lab collects fossils from a series of incredible fossil deposits around Australia. These fossils require preparation prior to being a part of the research completed here in the labs.


Type of Fossil Preparation

Two primary types of fossil prep take place in the Flinders University Palaeontology labs. The first is fossil sorting, where large amounts of sediment are collected from the field and volunteers in the lab sort out the fossil elements.

The second form of fossil preparation is with larger fossils which have been excavated from the field. These fossils require sediment removal and hardening using acetone and paraloid.

Both forms of preparation are slow moving but extremely rewarding with all fossils contributing to the great research being conducted.

Fossil Sorting


More Information

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 and other changes in the laboratory, we are no longer hosting our volunteer days. However, if you are interested in volunteering in the lab then feel free to get in touch. This is especially for palaeontology students who are interested in furthering their lab experience.


For further information or to discuss options please us at

Fossil Identification

large fossil prep.jpg

Fossil removal from safety plaster jacket

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