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Field Trips

The real reason most people sign up. We go places. In 2017 there was Hookina Creek (near the Flinders Ranges) and Bone Gulch (in NSW). In 2018 we took you adventure caving at Naracoorte. In 2019 we travelled to the Northern territory to unearth a large fossil bead of megafauna remains. Field trips are usually subsidised by FUPS/FUSA and places are limited, preference given first to current students. You must be over 18 years old to come along (we don’t make the rules – it’s a Uni thing).



If you’re keen to come and get your hands dirty we will welcome you with open arms! Join in on one of our sorting days, an email will go out a week or so beforehand and we try to run a half day or longer event, so you can pop in between classes or stay a little longer. We provide all the equipment, just bring yourself. We usually provide a few sugary things to keep you going. If you want to do a little more, drop us an email letting us know if you have any prior experience or just generally what your interests and skills are and we will put you in contact with our Volunteers Coordinator.

Palaeo in the Pub

We held our first Palaeo in the Pub in 2016 at Flinders Tav and they have been getting bigger and better ever since. We often like to mix our palaeo-learning with social beers and this event ticks all the boxes. Flinders Tavern are excellent hosts, often cramming around 100 of us in with happy hour beer prices all night long. The speakers and themes change for each event to keep things interesting. These events are pretty chilled, you don’t need to be a member to come along. Bring your friends!




BEER’N’BONES is our very own semi-regular newsletter (the most recent issue is enclosed in your welcome pack), written and edited by FUPS members since 1989. We like to keep it light-hearted, fun, and not all together serious for the most part. There are articles written about cool places we’ve been, fossils we found, events we held, research we’ve written or read, Professor Flint albums we wish we never heard, and beer reviews of course. All submissions of any of the above material and other interesting stuff are welcome from all members! Feel free to write/draw/paint/sing/drink anything palaeo-related and send us something at

The Diggers Shield

FUPS first triumphed over Flinders Archaeology Society in the mid-1990s, and ever since have remained unbeaten on the cricket pitch. The Diggers Shield cricket match is a friendly game played annually, as a demonstration of the friendly Archaeos vs. Palaeos professional rivalry. The societies take turns hosting each year, and since the archaeos keep losing, as this year’s hosts they probably won’t pick cricket this time around.

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