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Become a Palaeontologist in South Australia!

Wondering how to become a palaeontologist in Adelaide, South Australia, or Australia?











Since the start of 2019, Flinders University has offered Australia’s only degree in palaeontology!

The Flinders Palaeontology Laboratory is one of the strongest and most distinctive areas of research at Flinders University, and has a high media profile. It is the leading palaeontology research group in Australasia, and one of the foremost in this discipline in the world, with six academic staff and more than 20 post-docs, research students and technical staff.

With the expertise of Flinders palaeontologists spanning across all major vertebrate groups from the last 400 million years, students will gain access to a breadth and depth of knowledge unrivalled by any other Australian institution. The multidisciplinary nature of palaeontology also means that students have the opportunity to specialise in particular aspects that interest them. In addition to a strong grounding in evolutionary processes, palaeobiology, palaeoecology and anatomy, we also offer electives in geology, archaeology, animal behaviour, science communication, environmental sciences, geography, scientific illustration and virtual design.

This highly interdisciplinary program of study aims to provide students with in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the Australian fossil record, and a broad-based foundation in the scientific principles underpinning palaeontology and allied disciplines. Students are expected to develop a range of transferable research, analytical and communication skills in both university- and field-based settings that will prepare them for a career in palaeontology anywhere in the world.


Where do I sign up?

Feel free to contact us at the Flinders University Palaeontology Society or visit the Flinders Uni website for more information. 

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