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FUPS Membership

A Flinders University Palaeontology Society Membership is a great opportunity to get involved in all the events, masterclasses, volunteering days and field work that FUPS offers. Only FUPS members receive emails regarding information on our events and member opportunities as they occur. You will also receive a subscription to our very own semi-regular newsletter Beer 'N' Bones.


If you have any questions or just want to come down and see what FUPS and the Flinders Palaeontology labs are like, you can find us in the Palaeo labs and offices in the Biology Building, on level one. You can't miss us, there are dead things peaking out of all the lab windows and dusty footprints leading to all our offices.

Price List

Student Pricing – 1 year: $10, 3 years: $20, 5 years: $30

Non-Student Pricing – 1 year: $20, 3 years: $40, 5 years: $50

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