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James Moore Memorial Prize

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James devoted his university study to learning about remains of prehistoric creatures in the Flinders University Palaeontology Laboratory. He became hooked on fossils as a high-school student when he grasped an opportunity to participate in Flinders palaeontology expeditions to collect the bones of ancient megafauna.

He loved the thrill of travelling to remote sites and back through time to discover remains of weird and wonderful animals from Australia’s past.

Born and raised in Whyalla, James was passionate about engaging with school students, and encouraging them to interact with scientists and to participate in research.

To honour James’ life a memorial fund has been established to provide funding for two prizes, one for a regional student and one for a metropolitan student to:

  • Participate in an expedition with Flinders palaeontologists

  • Help curate fossils collected, during the expedition, in the Flinders Palaeontology Laboratory


Flinders University, together with the Moore family, encourage you to support the fund to ensure James’ passion for palaeontology can live on and inspire future generations.

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