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Wells Lecture 2019

Alcoota 2019

Palaeo in the Pub 2019

Old Four Legs

Richard Cloutier, Alice Clement, Hugo Dutel

Marsupial ANAT+AMY

Natalie Warburton, Amy Tschirn

Hidden Diversity

Kenny Travouillon, Kailah Thorn, Elen Shute

Naracoorte 2018

Palaeo in the Pub 2018

Evo and Devo

Vera Weisbecker

Once We Were Fish

Brian Choo, Alice Clement, John Long

Dinosaurs With Wings

Mike Lee

FUPS 30th and Inaugral Wells Lecture 2018

Bone Gulch 2017

Collinsville 2011

Alcoota 1989

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