FUPS Australian Palaeoart Competition

To bring us into 2021, FUPS will be hosting our first Australian Palaeoart Competition. There is a huge diversity of palaeoart from artistic interpretation to scientific reconstruction and we would love to see what you can do!

You have until the 31st of January 2021 to complete your art and either upload photos of your work to the facebook event page or send them to us at flinderspalaeo@gmail.com. Please make sure the photos are good quality so we can see your work clearly.

We are accepting all types of art, from sculptures to drawing and everything in between, with three prizes up for grabs. It has to be based of Australian biota, and 100% original for it to be eligible to win. The art work will be judged by a wonderful panel with winners announced in February.

Make sure your name and state (e.g. SA) are included in your submission and that we can contact you either via FB or email.

We are looking forwards to seeing your art work so make sure to submit it to us by the 31st of Jan 2021!

Big thanks to Jacob Blokland for the promotional art too!

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