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Evolution and Biogeography of Australian Vertebrates.jpg

This large reference volume provides a comprehensive overview of the knowledge of vertebrate diversity within Australasia, together with discussion of the factors that influenced the evolution and distribution of the fauna we see today- Australian Museum

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, then fill out the form below. We have managed to get limited copied of this book at a great price so if you would like one, you will need to be quick! Please be aware though that this is pick-up only, from the Palaeontology Labs at Flinders University, Biology Building, Level 1.

Often FUPS will invest in purchasing some great Palaeo gear which can be purchased by members and the general public. Most of the merch that FUPS sells is available for purchase at our events, although sometimes we have something special for our members which can be purchased below. 

At the moment we have available a number of copies of a very important book for Australian palaeontologists which features on the bookshelves of many lab members here at Flinders. This book is:

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